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Deathstoll Heavy Metal Song
Gauntlet: Techno Remix Video Game Loop
Warcraft II: Techno Remix Video Game Song
Sonic & Knuckles Boss Battle Video Game Loop
The Ritual Heavy Metal Song
Morrowind Metalized - Unsoiled Heavy Metal Loop
Where the my spoon? Heavy Metal Song
Morrowind Metalized Heavy Metal Loop
DOOM - Sign Of Evil (e1m8) Heavy Metal Song
M√úRK Techno Song
F0_$H!zZL3!!! (S@t@n Mus!c)! Heavy Metal Loop
Sentinal Heavy Metal Song
~THE BELLS~ Techno Song
Evolution Gone Wrong Techno Song

2005 Submissions

GTCS - SMOKESTAK Video Game Song
GTCS - Rooftop Video Game Song
GTCS - PACKAGING Video Game Song
GTCS - FREEZR Video Game Song
GTCS - BOILER ROOM Video Game Song
GTCS - THEME Video Game Song